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Root & Sky Oracle Readings
My most popular package provides you with a Shamanic Astrology natal chart reading, a deeper journey into your chart, analysis of current transits, plus a bone reading.
My bone throwing set includes items found in nature (bones, stones, nuts, twigs, shells) as well as metal charms I've collected or purchased over the years. I ask Great Spirit to reveal the answer that you seek and then I throw these objects onto my medicine blanket. A story is told through the imagery of the pieces and their relationships to each other, offering great insight into the current dynamics at play in your life.
Root & Sky Oracle Reading
2 Hour session for Shamanic Astrology reading

Root & Sky Oracle will be delivered through a combination of: 
-Written notes


-Voice recording


Includes up to 3 follow-up questions answered over email (*valid within 3 months)

Bone Reading
This is for those who have already had an astrology reading with me or who just want to experience the "root" part of root and sky by itself. 

Bone readings are offered year-round with the exception of Nov-Dec which is when I cave up to receive visions for the coming year. 
Words of Gratitude
"I believe there are patterns in chaos and some, like Amy, are strong at reading them." ~Rachel
"Getting a Root & Sky Reading from Amy was informative, intuitive, and magical! The care and attention she put into each reading went way beyond what I expected. Her language is relatable and her energy is caring. I have rewatched my readings multiple times and continue to benefit from them. I highly recommend getting a reading from Amy!" ~ EarthSong
"Amy's reading was absolutely fantastic. She is able to utilize and combine so many different tools that result in such a comprehensive reading. Amy offered a lot of detail and gave me action steps I could take. The reading was so accurate, it almost felt as if Amy was able to read my thoughts! I have had many readings with different people, and I have never come away from a reading not having any more questions before. I believe it was the combination of tarot, stones, and astrology that made for such an incredible reading. Amy truly has a gift!!" ~ Erica
"It's been over a year since I was blessed to have a reading from you. I see a lot of things that have come to pass. I just wanted to let you know that you were dead on. Also, I wanted to thank you again, for your gift, as well as for sharing it with me." ~ Edie
Amy, you did a reading for me five months ago, and I want you to know that I am STILL savoring it. <3 I am amazed at how much insight your reading covered for me, and I am thoroughly enjoying watching it all unfold. Thank you so much. ~Dana
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