Root & Sky Oracle Reading

My most popular package provides you with a Shamanic Astrology natal chart reading, analysis of current transits, plus a spirit-led vision quest (wyrd walk) into the non-linear realms using a variety of medicine tools that may include throwing the bones, pulling Tarot & oracle cards, interpreting Earth omens, synchronicities, visions, daydreams, and nightdreams.


Sessions are tailored to each client, so no two sessions will be alike!




2 Hour Zoom Session (for Shamanic Astrology reading) + Written notes


Root & Sky Oracle will be delivered through a combination of:


-Written notes


-Voice recording



Includes up to 3 follow-up questions answered over email
(*valid within 3 months)

​In the box to the right, please send me a brief overview of  the current issues you are facing in your relationship, what your future goals are (as a couple and individually) and any questions or intentions you have for this session. 


Feel free to go to my CONTACT page (link located in navigation bar) and send me a longer message if 500 characters isn't enough! 

Root & Sky Oracle Reading

  • Please allow up to 48 hours for me to contact you to schedule your reading. Readings will usually take place within 2-4 weeks, however it may be longer if I have a full waiting list. In that case, you will be contacted again when it is your turn to schedule your session.  


    ​The Shamanic Astrology portion of the session will be done over Zoom. I do my best to provide you with an audio or video recording of the session after it is complete, however I cannot guarantee this.  I recommend recording from your end as a back up, in case technical issues arise on my end.