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A Tapestry of Wisdom: Honoring My Teachers

I’m drawn to the edgewalkers, the free-range humans making their way off the beaten track, the teachers and leaders who offer a fluid structure within which to find myself and make my own way. Limiting my exposure to formal study has been a conscious choice, because I wanted my teaching to come primarily through my own connection with the invisible world. This has served me well, and it's meant spending a lot of time re-inventing wheels, thinking I had to master all the things that I had even a remote interest in. I’ve come to realize that I don’t need to be everything to everyone. It’s better to do what I feel called to do, and leave what I don’t to someone else.

I have spent years cultivating connections with people of magic and medicine, teachers, healers, artists, musicians, performers, and change-makers. Some of them I know personally, some I don't, but I consider myself to be in co-creation with all of them. They have each impacted my journey in some way and inspired me to reach the next level in my evolution.

Each of these people or organizations come with my highest recommendation. If what I have to offer, or the way I offer it, isn’t the right fit for you, {or if you just want to discover even more magic!} I encourage you to explore the abundance of offerings below:  

Crimson Circle Mystery School - free monthly podcast on the topic of living as an embodied enlightened master, with an expansive library of channeled material beginning in 1999. I have been a regular listener since {nearly} the beginning, and it is here that I learned about sovereignty, relaxing into enlightenment, the body of consciousness, dreamwalking and the magic of AND. 

Heather Teach - not only did Heather introduce me to Crimson Circle, which became a centerpiece of my spiritual path for many years, her acrylic pour art inspired me to explore this technique. It ended up being a vital missing piece in my creative process that took my work in exciting new directions. Visit her Etsy shop

Sisters in Celebration -  an experiential community that offers courses for people of all genders who want to incorporate the Divine Feminine into their lives. Their Priest/ess & High Priest/ess Path courses helped renew my dedication to my chosen spiritual path at a time when I felt like I had lost touch with my own magic. The combination of structure and freedom in their 13 month course was perfect for me.

Dana Bailey - co-founder of Sisters in Celebration, holistic healer and shamanic practitioner, Dana has been a kind, loving, and patient guide to me since I began my study of Earth Medicine. From her, I've learned about creating a working altar, energy body hygiene and cultivation, how to journey, visit and interact with my inner garden, and how to stay in right relationship with my helping spirits. 

Lunaea Weatherstone - it was an article in SageWoman magazine by Lunaea that first introduced me to the idea that the Goddess had four major life phases, rather than the traditional three: Maiden, Mother, QUEEN and Crone. The impact this awareness had on the Cosmology of my magical practice was significant and continues to this day.

Joanna Powell Colbert - I first learned Tarot using the Motherpeace* deck by Vicki Noble. It is still one of my favorites. But it was Joanna's Gaian Tarot* that really helped me see how Tarot wisdom could be applied to my daily life. Gaian Tarot is now the deck that I recommend the most for beginners and advanced readers alike. Her most recent work, The Herbcrafter's Tarot*, a co-creation with Latisha Guthrie, is fantastic!

Waverly Fitzgerald - her book, Slow Time, inspired me to live more in tune with nature's cycles, which includes planning my activities for the year according to the season where the energy is most compatible. This wisdom helped influence the structure of the Spiral Path Book of Days.

Christine Thomas - during a transitional time in my life, I had the pleasure of being supported by Christine, who offers personal life coaching in the wise woman tradition.  I felt truly seen in the space she held for me, and this allowed me to take big, brave steps in manifesting the life I wanted to live. The monthly women's circle she held via conference call was my first real introduction to magical sisterhood.

Carly Boyer - Carly offers intuitive handwriting analysis that is dead-on accurate. I also received a couple of her shamanic stone cast readings, which sparked my desire to learn this craft.

Emily Trinkaus - it is through following Emily's previous blog, Virgo Magic, that I first discovered my passion for astrology and learned how to look at my own chart to discover what each New and Full moon meant for me personally. Emily is a writer and galactic priestess who offers astrology readings and classes, creative retreats, and a lunar creation circle, with doors opening for six months at a time.

Chani Nicholas - free weekly horoscopes and monthly classes guiding you in using your own natal chart to understand how cosmic movements may be affecting your rising and sun signs. I've learned a great deal about traditional astrology from these monthly classes, as well as her deeper dives. Chani's writing is always the perfect combination of sass, revolutionary grit, and gentle, loving guidance.

Nissa Howard - you will often see me using language I learned in Nissa's ReWilding Wholeness circle, such as: I am sacred space, there is poison and medicine in everything, oracle that shit, name it / own it / claim it / tend it, shift the shit, and ending stories in medicine. Nissa is a warrior queen and wild huntress who gives voice to the spirits of the animals she works with in the making of sacred sound medicine.

Shamanic Astrology Mystery School - in Shamanic Astrology, a paradigm created by Daniel Giamario, I discovered a tool to help me get beyond judgment, of myself and others, by seeing that all people contain all archetypes and all archetypes have value to the whole. SAMS offers classes in person and online for those seeking certification. The Shamanic Astrology Handbook* offers a solid introduction.

Venus Alchemy - created by Cayelin Castell {co-founder of SAMS} and Tami Brunk, this organization offers classes focused on experiencing the Venus synodic cycle as the ancients did, in ceremony. Follow in the footsteps of the Sumerian Queen of Heaven and Earth, Inanna as she makes her descent to the Underworld, to die by her sister, Erishkegal's hand, and be reborn. Morning & Evening Star Series. 

InSpiral Nexus - Erik Roth, Managing Director of SAMS, has been my primary mentor since beginning my studies in Shamanic Astrology. He gave me my first reading in 2015, which completely changed how I view my chart, my unique life purpose, and astrology in general. He offers readings and classes, both in person and online, and a blog where he shares his insights into current planetary transits.

Flora Bowley - the first time I saw a video promo for Flora's Bloom True intuitive painting class, I cried with an exquisite combination of joy and fear. It was one of those moments when Spirit reaches out and whispers, "hey, this path, right's for you!" I'm so grateful I listened, because Flora opened up a whole new world of creative freedom that I was craving but didn't know existed.

Pixie Lighthorse - when Pixie was featured as a guest during Flora's Bloom True course, I was deeply inspired by her description of painting as a shamanic journey, and followed up by taking her painting course, Visual Quest. Pixie is a shamanic healer / teacher who offers online classes and retreats, as well as a self-published writer of several books on boundaries, honoring grief and healing. / 

Ayla Nereo - my first encounter with Ayla's otherworldly voice and lyrics was from her work with the creative collaboration, Wildlight. It stirred something in me that felt ancient and yet, connected to a visionary future that lit my heart on fire. A potent melody of earth and sky that struck a chord in my soul. Her live shows are a spark of palpable, pure magic. She offers live & online classes in soulful songwriting.

Kari Yocom - Kari is a sigil crafter and practitioner of old world magic. She creates magical tattoos that are a reflection of the clients own stories and symbolism, timed to correspond with natural phenomena such as solstices, eclipses, super moons, etc. Each session is a healing & empowering journey.


Dahzen - Brian is my brother {from the same mother}. In fact, we are practically twins, born only 11 months apart. I have him to thank for introducing me to some of my favorite music and books, and for being my festival camping buddy. His musical stylings are featured in my some of my YouTube videos. Dahzen is fluent in Japanese and is working on a book about neuroplasticity and how it relates to language learning. Check out his site, Global English Press. 


Della Ratcliffe - from Della's blog, I have learned so much about how my Celtic ancestors viewed the world and how they celebrated the cycles and seasons of Nature. She offers free classes, organized around the lunar cycles and wheel of the year, with a new theme each year.

A Note on Giving Credit

I am 100% committed to giving credit to all sources of knowledge and wisdom that have influenced my spiritual path and magical practice. I recently started getting more serious about citing my sources of  inspiration after 20+ years of not keeping track of it. In that time, I've often had the experience where something I read or hear resonates so deeply within me that I hold it close to my heart and over time, it becomes an integral part of who I am and how I see the world. Part of my own soul language. 

If something I share on this website/blog isn't properly credited, it's either because I don't know {or remember} where it came from, or because it came to me independently of any other source {it happens, read Liz Gilbert’s book, Big Magic for a prime example.}


If you notice something I missed, kindly point it out. As soon as I become aware that credit is due, I give it.

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