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Definitions of Terms Commonly Used on this Site

Alchemy – the blending of opposites, turning one thing into another. In a spiritual context, it’s about bringing together all the various aspects of self and integrating them, so every part is still expressed fully, but as one part of a whole, rather than fragmented or cast off. Alchemy requires a catalyst and a container larger than the sum of the individual parts, so a reaction can occur, initiating transformation. Transpersonal Alchemy takes this process beyond the personal, touching on experiences, challenges, and issues that are universal to the human experience.  

Allowing – the idea that the soul self already knows why it incarnated and what to do to achieve its intent for this life, so the only thing the human self needs to do is to get out of the way and ALLOW the inevitable to happen. When we remove resistance, what is natural unfolds in perfect timing.

AND (a.k.a “The Magic of And”)  - with the awareness that truth is multi-dimensional and there is no absolute truth, we move out of the “either/or” mindset and into the magic of and, where the answer to all questions is “both/and.” From this place, we can embrace the paradox, simultaneously holding opposing ideas without needing to make one right and one wrong. From here, we get to look at the whole picture and use our discernment to choose what we want to experience as our truths.

Animism – an ancient way of viewing the world that pre-dates all modern religious and spiritual systems. It is a belief that everything in existence has a consciousness that can be communicated with and engaged in relationship. Everyone alive today has ancestors who practiced animism, no matter what culture they come from.

Archetypes – original patterns of symbols and motifs woven throughout the human experience, derived from the collective unconscious. These are particularly found in mythology, astrology, and psychology. They were introduced by Carl Jung, who described them as models of people, behavior, or personalities.

Ascension (In-Body Ascension)  – a process of bringing spirit into matter (the body, physical world) and then bringing matter into spirit, which requires allowing our biology to break down, repattern, and rebirth into a new form, all while walking around in it. It is akin to upgrading every part of your vehicle while racing down the highway at 90 miles per hour.

Body of Consciousness –humans incarnate with a “vehicle” that includes all of the energy bodies—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Each of these bodies has its own consciousness, with the spirit being the one steering the vehicle. Beyond that, there is what has been called the soul self, the Master, or the Witness. This is the part of self that knows the soul’s reason for incarnating and its intent for each lifetime, and can see the big picture map of how to get there. All of these levels make up an individual body of consciousness, which is directly connected to and a part of Great Spirit, or the collective soul.  

Center, Self-Center – the space at the center of your being, where your true self resides. Self-centered doesn’t mean selfish. It means staying connected to a part of you that knows, trusts, and loves all that you are, so you can give your best self to the world, and respond rather than react to what’s going on around you.

Claircognizant – One of four intuitive senses, which also include clairvoyance {clear seeing}, clairaudience {clear hearing} and clairsentience {clear feeling}. Claircognizance means clear knowing. People with this gift will receive flashes of insight and just seem to know things without needing any external evidence or knowledge. They often predict future events with great accuracy.  

Craft – the spiritual path of a witch or other magical practitioner, which often involves a process of experimentation, through which wisdom is gained from the practical application of accumulated knowledge.

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