Promiscuous girl. Unwed teen mom. Happily married suburban housewife and mother of three. Amy had been all of these by the age of twenty-one.


Plagued by feelings of unworthiness, fear, and doubt, she answers a call in her soul and embarks on a quest to confront her inner demons, peel back the layers of false identity, and uncover the truth of who she is.

Amy's search for deeper meaning leads her to New Age spirituality, where she discovers both its transformative power and its destructive dark side. When conflict brings her to the edge of sanity, she learns that sometimes you must break down to break through.


Her story offers an intimate view of what would often be diagnosed as mental illness, from a mystical rather than a clinical perspective. 


Witness one woman’s journey to unravel harmful belief systems and toxic patterns, heal from self-abuse, and discover the everyday magic of living a soul-filled life.

A self-love book for those tired of self-help

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"This hasn't happened to me before, where reading a memoir literally altered the fabric of my reality, while also supporting me through that change.” ~Emma Farouk, spa manager at Menla Resort, Catskills, New York


“An amazing personal story that is compelling and well written - I couldn't put it down!” ~Earthsong Long, Energy Alchemist at Soulfully Authentic


“I am a  v e r y  slow reader so I usually listen to books on Audible but I devoured this book in 3 days. I didn't want to put it down, and there were times when I was so transported that I COULDN'T put it down. This book is magical, heart breaking and inspiring. I would love to be in your shoes - you, the lucky one who is about to read it for the first time!” ~Laney Levine, Story Healer

“I would recommend [this book] to any of my friends that were reading too many self-help books. I would recommend it to any woman on a spiritual journey. This is the memoir of a woman who walks her path without defending it. It’s intriguing, inspiring and very down to earth. It is rare that I get to read a body of work and come away saying that I am a better person for having read it.  Thank you.” ~Lisa Marie Carroll, HPS of Sisters in Celebration

“This story is teaching and showing integrity, growth and calm power in the face of human chaos. It is proving that those living unraveled CAN live a togethered whole.” ~Nissa Howard, Free-Range Medicine Woman