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Who Am I? 

I am an everyday mystic, walking in more than one world at a timea practitioner of word magic, capturing a cascade of vision and subtle knowing, dancing with the intangible and seducing it into form.

I am a cosmic creatrix with a down to earth vibe, a dreamer who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, and a visionary who joyfully explores the cycles and patterns of nature while finding ways to make them applicable to everyday life.

I am an alchemist, catalyzing transformation in everything I touch, diving into the void, seeing in the dark, and lighting it up with my fiery, rebel heart.  I am a seer and truth-teller, at times deeply compassionate, at other times blunt and irreverently inappropriate.

Like so many of us, my tender heart is still healing from the wounds of current life, past life, and ancestral trauma. It takes guts {and hella good boundaries} to walk out into the world and navigate the minefields of shame, blame, and judgment. It takes stamina to maintain the presence of Center in a culture of distraction. It would be much easier to stay small and safe.


But here’s what I know... I am at my best when I:

·      express my truth wholeheartedly {knowing it could be different tomorrow}
·      laugh at my own bullshit {we’re all human and growth is messy}

·      show up authentically {rather than project an image of who I think I should be}

 ·      am self-centeredloving myself in your presence  {so you can do the same!}

·      have the courage to be disliked {still working on that one. Being over 40 helps!}

I welcome you to join me on this adventure, as I live the passionate, spirit-led life of a wyrdwoman. Walking the edges while also staying grounded, present, and approachable, normalizing what is still considered fringe for so many. I am learning what it means to rewild myself, to remember the magic in my blood and reconnect to the sacred animist practices of my ancestors. And I want to share that with you!

What's my Story?

I grew up in Portland, Oregon, in a family is full of artists {painters, writers, performers, and musicians} but I spent most of my childhood believing the gene for creative brilliance must have skipped me. My first attempts at painting were difficult. I had to force myself to spend money on materials, even though I was paralyzed with fear that they would be wasted due to my inexperience. I was regularly disappointed with how little the finished product looked like the vision I had in my head. Everything that was coming out of me in the beginning was regurgitated from others and my soul knew it wasn’t authentic. At the same time, I felt the burning awareness that something powerful and authentic was within me,  yearning to get out. I had to be brave enough to make terrible art that I knew was a poor attempt at the brilliance I aspired to,  in order to get to the point where creating from my soul became natural.

In 2005, I graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, OR and became licensed as a massage therapist. For more about my work in the healing arts, go here. That same year, I completed my training through the Order of the White Moon under the leadership of its original founder, Luna Blanca. I was ordained as a High Priestess and received a license through the Esoteric Theological Seminary to minister to the public. I began my first magic circle with the women in my family shortly after. In 2010, I founded a second women’s circle, and served as their HP for eight years before stepping down. In 2014, I joined with Sisters in Celebration to refresh my skills through their Priestess Path and High Priestess courses, and am a current member in good standing with that organization. For more about my work as a Priestess, go here.


Spirit brought me my first spontaneous initiatory experience when I was 29. Terrified and unprepared, I resisted the call, and for the most part, went back to my old ways of being. The call came again when I was 32, and this time, major changes were required if I wanted to keep my sanity. I resigned as Creative Director of a healing center that I had co-founded and distanced myself from the New Age community that I’d been a part of for ten years. I wrote a memoir about this time in my life. For more information, go here

In 2015, At the age of 37, I finally attended my first art class: a five week online course called Bloom True with Flora Bowley. Two years later, I completed a course in shamanic painting, called Visual Quest with Pixie Lighthorse. As a mostly self-taught artist, I figure stuff out as I go along, gather inspiration from many places, and keep things as simple and fun as possible. When I first began to notice that what I was making felt like ME, it was a moment of celebration.  It didn’t mean I had mastered my craft.  It meant I was ready to really start practicing it. For more about my work as an artist, go here


In 2021, I completed my training to became certified as a Shamanic Astrologer through The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, co-founded by Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell. The Shamanic Astrology Paradigm is highly experiential, focused on gaining insight through a personal, direct relationship with the night sky. It offers a unique approach to natal chart analysis, based on the understanding that we incarnate with a blueprint that offers specific instructions for achieving our soul's intent for this lifetime, and that by participating with the planetary transits as initiatory journeys, our purpose naturally unfolds over time. For more about Shamanic Astrology readings, go here
Since 2016, I have self-published an annual edition of The Spiral Path Book of Days, a lunar calendar / daily journal / astrology workbook that teaches you to use your own natal chart to align with the cycles of the moon and sun. For more information, click here

I have been married to my brown-eyed man with dimples from “across the pond” for over 20 years. We met online in the early nineties, when that sort of thing was still so unheard of, our story made it into the local newspaper. Together we raised three amazing humans who make me proud every day. I’ve heard it said that motherhood is one of the shortest and steepest paths to enlightenment, and I’m here to tell you it’s true. My children have been my greatest teachers, and it is from the fertile soil of what I learned from them that every other branch of my magical practice sprouts from.


Some More Fun Facts About Me...

Astrology Signs: Aries Sun (+ Venus & Mercury) in the 5th house with Sagittarius Moon and Sagittarius Rising 

Myers-Briggs Personality Type:  INFJ 

Life Path Number: 11

Favorite Author: Paulo Coelho 

Amy - Natal Chart

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Earth Horse

Celebrity Crush: Hozier. Yum.

{Not} Guilty Pleasure: a juicy steak and single malt scotch

Childhood Heroes: Anne of Green Gables and Pippi Longstocking. 

Preferred Super Power: ability to instantly transform energy into matter and then back into energy at will.

Five Ways To Win My Heart: wink at me, clean or fix something without me having to ask, laugh {this works even better if you have wrinkles in the corners of your eyes}, take me on an adventure to a beautiful spot in Nature that I’ve never been to, notice when I’m in the midst of a kick ass creative flow and close the door so I won’t be disturbed.

Theme Song of my Life: Take to the Sky by Tori Amos


3 Things I Love: scenic road trips, Celtic art and culture {especially the Goddess Brighid, she rocks my world!} and hot showers

3 Things I Strongly Dislike* : traffic, seafood, guilt trips

*hate takes a lot of energy to maintain and I’d rather just not think about these things at all.

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be: a cool old lady with magical tattoos and long, silver hair who putters around the garden muttering to herself, who dances while she paints and writes by firelight while gazing up at the stars. 

I Am From: a large purple chair that I share with two cats, they sit on the arms like lions guarding a fortress. From green, mossy trees wet with dew. It feels like an enchanted land. From howling at the moon and the “kitchen table days,” gone too soon. From maypole dances and talking in movie quotes. From sleeping on the roof, rain falling down and soaking me through, dark gray sky that opens to blue.

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