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What is Word Magic?

Words have power. They transmit a frequency, an essence, and deliver downloads of consciousness. Words have a vital rhythm that can be felt, a pulse that can be tapped into and when aligned in a soulful, present way, can stir passions, break down walls, and communicate spiritual truths.  

Words have the power…

  • to bring deep clarity

  • to compel into action

  • to enchant

  • to inspire

  • to alter perspectives

  • to set forces in motion

Topics I enjoy writing about include:

​Trans-personal alchemy :: integrating light and dark, blending elements and archetypes, experiencing the Sacred Marriage of God and Goddess, human and Divine... all within my own skin... and allowing this conscious transformation to ripple far beyond those borders. 

Shamanic astrology :: engaging planetary transits as initiatory journeys, observing the cycles of my daily life and noticing how they are reflected in the Cosmos... as above, so below, as within, so without. 

Creative living beyond fear :: how I navigate the challenges (internal and external) that come up when I engage my creative muse and ride the edge of my comfort zone. Glimpses into my creative process and projects. 

ReWilding :: exploring my inner landscape, connecting with my helping spirits, trusting my primal instincts, extracting wisdom from each moment and making potent soul medicine.

Seasonal & Moon-thly Celebrations :: dancing with the sun around the wheel of the year, cycling with the phases of the moon. Simple ceremony to honor my relationships with Nature. 

Animism & Ancestors :: merging the magic and the mundane, finding the sacred in the ordinary. Learning about my Celtic, Norse, and Germanic ancestry, discovering the magic of my lineage, while adapting it to a modern world.

Hearthcraft & Everyday Magic – tales of life close to home and time spent with the ones I love, usually with a mystical slant to it. Practical magic for daily life.

I write about myself


because it’s the only


thing I know for sure


that I’m an expert in. 


As I write about myself,


I might also be

writing about you.

To visit the blog categories, click one of the links above. Recent posts from all categories are below.

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