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When it comes to my creative practice, I don’t follow many rules. In fact, in many cases, I don’t even know the rules. I learn what I need to learn when I need to learn it and not a moment before. I go toward what arouses my joy, which often takes me in several directions at once, rarely in a straight line. Joy is a dance of colors, textures, light and shadow, movements both graceful and chaotic, seemingly discordant energies blending into a magnificent symphony that I never would have been able to experience by looking at one aspect alone.

I use a collage of techniques to illustrate the landscape of my soul, including acrylic pouring, spray paint, and mixed media collage. I often start with an acrylic pour and then build up layers from there. Sometimes I have a specific idea in mind when I start, but more often I just follow my intuition and let the imagery emerge. I prefer working with acrylic paint because it dries vast, is versatile and fluid pouring offers unexpected results.


I love to paint space, nature, animals, women and abstract magical forms.

Art is my sacred activism. I create art to give my inner selves a voice, a safe way to express in the world, healing myself by moving what needs to be released out of my body, heart and mind onto the canvas. It is a mystical process, taking place on many levels, conscious and unconscious.  At the end of it all is a healing tool, infused with potent psychic power, transmitting its essence to all who come in contact with it.

For more detail on my creative process, see Art Magic: A Medicine Journey with Paint

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