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Gentle, Effective Bodywork

for relaxation, pain relief & whole self healing

centered presence combined with a solid touch makes for a massage that feels deep without being painful.

I have nearly 20 years of experience as a provider and recipient of therapeutic massage, working with all kinds of people, from athletes to the elderly. My massage style leans more towards the relaxation end of the scale. I’m not a “no pain, no gain” kind of therapist. I believe in finding the right pressure to get the job done without stressing the body, and more often than not, less truly is more. My hands seek out the source of pain, inviting the body to release what it carries, creating the space necessary to activate its natural healing powers. 

Every session is a customized blend of gentle relaxation and effective therapeutic techniques that bring healing and affect change on all levels--physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 


Amy Topham, LMT
OR License #12170

As part of your self care routine, massage therapy can help :

  • Relieve stress and release endorphins—the body’s natural painkiller.

  • Promote  recovery from injuries

  • Increase immunity and circulation

  • Alleviate tension, spasms, & chronic pain

  • Soften adhesions & stretch fascia

  • Increase joint flexibility & range of motion.

  • Increase awareness, reduce mental fatigue

  • Enhance sleep quality resulting in deeper rest and greater energy

  • Improve concentration, inspiration and productivity

  • Calm the mind to allow for creative insightful thoughts

  • Lessen the symptoms of depression and anxiety

  • Increase body awareness & self esteem so you feel comfortable in your own skin

My style of work is especially beneficial for those living with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, frequent migraines, neck and shoulder tension, back pain, sciatica, anxiety, insomnia and general stress. I love to provide comfort and support to you mamas out there by offering prenatal & postnatal massage.

Currently Accepting New Clients


Monday & Thursday 12-7 
Friday 3-7 

Saturday 2-6


30 Minutes - $40

60 minutes –  $80 
90 minutes – $115

2 Hours - $160

Amy has a calming presence that makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into her space. She talks to you and really takes the time to get a clear sense of what your expectations are. Her healing sense of touch and confident, rhythmic hands set her apart from other therapists. You can tell she has a sincere interest in not only what’s going on with your body, but in who you are. ~Raven

From the moment we met, I felt safe and supported in her presence. Her warm energy and professional know-how put me at ease, and allowed me to truly relax into the healing benefits of massage. Because of her knowledge of Fibromyalgia, I have been able to receive an excellent, relaxing, therapeutic massage, without the usual “rebound” pain that I experienced with so many other therapists. Amy’s hot stone massages are incredible; I always leave the therapy warm to my bones and relaxed to the core. ~Nicole

I'm here. I see you. I feel you. You are held


Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release

Hot Stone, Spa Services, Prenatal

Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki

To request an appointment, fill out my contact form here.

After many Chiropractic visits for numbness in my arms and hands, and chronic lower back pain, I tried massage therapy. After only a few visits my circulation is much better, the numbness in my arm is gone, my hands are practically pain free, with more flexibility in my back and my sleep has improved. I leave with a new sense of rejuvenation and balance; spiritually mentally and physically, looking forward to more visits, and feeling so much better. ~ Diana

Sooo relaxed! This was my first experience with hot stone massage. It was fantastic. Amy is a very intuitive massage therapist and just seemed to know where I needed the most help. The hot stones were soothing and healing to me. I highly recommend this experience. Amy is the BEST! ~ Laura

I am always so pleased with the service Amy provides. She listens to my concerns and works on my problem areas. They are always improved after her touch. I cannot recommend Amy highly enough! ~Vanessa

The massage was very relaxing with just enough pressure to work the muscles but not leave me sore. ~ Erin

Hot stone massage by Amy Topham = HEAVEN!!! I have been a client of Amy’s for about 8 years and she is absolutely amazing! A massage with Amy is a calm, therapeutic, healing and relaxing experience. I highly recommend.  ~Kami

Amy did a great job and was very attentive. Has a good touch and listens well on problem areas. I Thank you Amy. I felt like a million bucks after she was done. ~ Richard

Amy did an amazing job. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and I felt refreshed and at peace when I left our session. She has a great calming touch and works out problem areas very well with deep tissue massage. ~ Jennifer

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