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The Spiral Path Book of Days


Learn how to use your own natal chart to customize a yearly path around the Wheel.

The spiral symbol is a metaphor for life and the spiritual journey. We set out from where we are and begin walking our path, carrying all we have on our backs. We experience awakenings, challenges, and epiphanies along the way. We gain insight and lose fear. We drop conditioning and beliefs that were never ours to carry, and pick up a unique understanding of who we truly are and what we truly desire. We develop courage, resilience, confidence and self-love. We practice radical trust, in ourselves and in life itself.


Each time the spiral brings us full circle, back to the place where we began, it looks different. We recognize the fears. We remember the insights. We have the confidence to meet the challenges, using the wisdom we’ve already gained. We unravel another layer of what keeps us from being fully present, fully embodied, fully enlightened. And then the realization arises from within, the understanding that we are not bound to the spiral.


We are not bound to the linear path. We can expand in all directions at once, touching every corner of the Cosmos simultaneously.

The Book of Days is...

  • a container to record the insights you gain as you walk your life path. It is designed to guide you in creating a customized map of the rhythms of your year according to your astrological natal chart. At each New Moon, explore a different house of your chart & focus your magical and creative activity on one area of life at a time.

  • an easy way to cultivate a daily journal practice with just enough space to jot a few notes, without the pressure to fill a whole page. Includes journal prompts at the New & Full Moons. The Book of Days provides tons of white space to customize with your doodles, collage, sketches & art. Feel free to make it your own!


  • a unique tool for those who want something different than what the traditional Western calendar provides. It is structured around the lunar cycle and the Neo-Pagan Wheel of the Year, which means each edition begins at the New Moon in Scorpio, near the harvest festival of Samhain.

  • a workbook for planning your activities in alignment with seasonal & lunar energies. Includes 4 seasonal planning pages & Tarot card spreads to help you plan your magic making, work, & creative projects for the whole year. 


  • geared towards new students of astrology, but can be enjoyed by those who have more experience. It includes an introduction to the Wheel of the Year, the lunar cycle, astrology signs, planets & houses, plus how to get a free copy of your natal chart online.

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The Book of Days is currently on hiatus while it goes through a total metamorphosis!

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“This is a well-thought out, easy-to-follow and illuminating introductory for people interested in the Moon, Astrology and Tarot in planning their days and learning what they can do to take advantage of the seasonal/lunar energies.” ~ Erik Roth, Shamanic Astrologer & Managing Director of The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School


“This is not just a journal. It’s a teaching tool and a learning tool. It’s a workbook and a life book. It looks like it has swirled the keenest components of the things I like to do and things I have yet to explore fully and then sprinkled some serious BAM on it.” ~ Lisa Marie Carroll, HPS & co-founder of Sisters in Celebration


“I had used the Sacred Journey Journal in 2015 and loved it, but had to figure out something else for 2016. For 2017 I used another calendar, where the month starts with the new moon, but I wanted more space like I had in the SJJ, and didn’t want to have to write in all the moon signs myself. The Spiral Path Book of Days is the perfect blend of those two systems plus the moon sign data that I wanted. I love all of the color, the artwork, the quality of the paper. It is just wonderful and the perfect size, too, with plenty of space to write. “~ Amy D.


“About a year ago I began using this book. It has been a valuable companion as I’ve been clawing to rebuild and rebirth myself. I found it to be a cuddly guide that returns me home to myself every new moon. There is an air of ancient goddess rhythm here in this book because it starts on the new moon after Samhain. Amy has woven a well rounded nest of magic from many languages. She brings in tarot, astrology, earth wisdom, and good ol’ fashioned wise woman-ing into this book. It is TRULY special.” ~ Nissa Howard, Free-Range Medicine Woman


“I cannot tell you what this Book of Days means to me. It’s like a compass that reminds me “You are Here” and “This is How you’re being Held” at the same time.” ~ Dana Bailey, HPS of Sisters in Celebration

"This is my 4th year to use it and I find it so helpful for keeping in touch with yearly energies and season changes."  

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