Bone Reading

This option is for those who have already had a natal chart reading with me or who wish to experience the "root" part of Root & Sky by itself.


My bone throwing set includes items found in nature (bones, stones, nuts, twigs, shells) as well as metal charms I've collected or purchased over the years. 


I ask Great Spirit and the ancestors to reveal the answer that you seek and then I throw these objects onto my medicine blanket.


A story is told through the imagery of the pieces and their relationships to each other, offering great insight into the current dynamics at play in your life.


Bone Readings will be delivered through a combination of:


-Written notes


-Voice recording



Includes up to 3 follow-up questions answered over email
(*valid within 3 months)

​In the box to the right, please send me a brief statement about where you're currently at in life and what questions (if any) you would like to have answered through the reading. 


Feel free to go to my CONTACT page (link located in navigation bar) and send me a longer message if 500 characters isn't enough! 

Bone Reading

  • Please allow up to 48 hours for me to contact you to schedule your reading. Readings will usually take place within 2-4 weeks, however it may be longer if I have a full waiting list. In that case, you will be contacted again when it is your turn to schedule your session.  ​