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Welcome Travelers. My name is  


I am an ancient soul who chose to be here on Earth at this exact time in history for a reason. We all have a part to play, a secret ingredient to add to the sacred  brew that Humanity is concocting together. My life is a co-creation with Spirit, and through playful experimentation, following a trail of clues, I realize why I am here, and what is mine to do. 

I am a seer, a mad sage who reads the web of Wyrd and weaves the threads of past/present/future into a tapestry of now. I use tools such as astrology, tarot, charm casting, earth omens, and other forms of divination to give me insight into daily life, understand the mysteries of the cosmos, and feel into the liminal spaces where these worlds overlap.  Through art and writing, I share the wisdom I gather from my journeys. 

I believe that “if you go deep enough into the personal, you reach the universal.” (Andre Gide). My unconscious is part of the Collective Unconscious. When I heal what is wounded in me, I heal a part of us all. And so, I boldly trek across my inner landscape, meeting the hidden parts that live there, and through my simple desire to explore what lies beyond each horizon, I clear pathways to new worlds of experience. My job is to go all the way in and all the way out, all the way up and all the way down, and then build a Middle World container capable of holding all the perspectives simultaneously. 

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