Shamanic Astrology Synastry Reading for Couples

An exploration into relationship intent and dynamics between two people. This option is only available after at least one person in the couple has had a full natal chart reading with me. Includes a look at current transits for both people and offers guidance on navigating relationship issues.


Natal charts & current transit
bi-wheels for both people
2 hour Zoom session
Written notes

​In the box to the right, please send me a brief overview of  the current issues you are facing in your relationship, what your future goals are (as a couple and individually) and any questions or intentions you have for this session. 


Feel free to go to my CONTACT page (link located in navigation bar) and send me a longer message if 500 characters isn't enough! 

Shamanic Astrology Synastry Reading for Couples

  • Please allow up to 48 hours for me to contact you to schedule your reading. Readings will usually take place within 2-4 weeks, however it may be longer if I have a full waiting list. In that case, you will be contacted again when it is your turn to schedule your session.  


    ​Sessions will be done over Zoom. I do my best to provide you with an audio or video recording of the session after it is complete, however I cannot guarantee this.  I recommend recording from your end as a back up, in case technical issues arise on my end.